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November 7, 2010

I have become obsessed with Sarah Palin and not in a good way. There is nothing “good” about Sarah Palin and she scares me a lot. And she just won’t go away. I log onto The Immoral Minority with alarming regularity because it is a blog that has been trying to get the truth out about Sarah Palin. Another blog, devoted to uncovering Sarah’s faked pregnancy with Trig, was put out of business due to serious threats to its publisher. I have a friend whose nephew lives in Wasilla and her nephew  says that everyone in town, including himself, is afraid of Sarah Palin. He refuses to “dish” about her – even to his family in the lower 48. Yet, there is so much to dish, but the media does not report or investigate any of it.  She carried on her threats and fabricated lifestyle with impunity, while she is constantly getting her face and words all over the media.  She seems to be Teflon-coated.  I watch her daughter Bristol on Dancing With the Stars and if she isn’t pregnant, I am. She even has an “outie” belly button. Who has that except a pregnant woman?Yet, everyone seems to be ignoring the obvious.  Everyone except a couple of  bloggers.

And now the latest insult coming from “creationist” Sarah is that she calls certain men “Neanderthals” while she is described as a “feminist.” These “Neanderthals” subjected her to closer public scrutiny when she ran for vice president in 2008 because she was a woman, according to Palin.  Give me a break. She did not get enough scrutiny. If she had been properly vetted, it would have been discovered that her pregnancy with Trig lasted just a few days and that she announced her pregnancy the day after McCain clinched the Republican nomination. Prior to that, there is little evidence that she even gained weight, let alone was with child. Meanwhile, rumors abounded that her teen-aged daughter Bristol was pregnant or had recently given birth. Yet, no one looked into this, or her supposed public speech in Texas and subsequent multi-hour plane ride back to Alaska while leaking amniotic fluid. She has even changed the place that Trig was born. First, it was in her home town hospital and now it has changed recently to Anchorage. Her supporters are still demanding to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate, even though one has been provided, while no one has asked to see Trig’s. Not even the “lamestream media” as she so often calls the mainstream media.
Another old friend, the one who got me involved in union organizing and a true early feminist, is now a Palin fan. She also listens to Glen Beck. I am shocked that she has gone so far from the principles we held way back in the 1970s when we were pounding the pavement to secure equal pay and equal opportunities for female employees of the large corporation that employed us. My friend was one of the original women to challenge the company to secure a job that had always been held by men. And now, she supports Sarah Palin? And that is exactly why Sarah Palin scares me. If she can reach and change the mind of a strong warrior in the fight for women’s rights, she is much more powerful than we all give her credit for. Be afraid; be very afraid.